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AC3: "You're Doing It Wrong!"

CVG reviews Assassin's Creed 3:

Some missions are so torturously linear that even the slightest deviation from the prescribed path results in 'synchronization lost' and an excruciating loading break. There are simply too many rote stealth and chase missions that end abruptly if you make the slightest mistake. You feel like you're being punished for being creative too. Even if you work out a clever alternative way to complete an objective, you still fail because you haven't done it precisely as the developers intended.

This slipshod, rigid design is completely at odds with the freedom you're granted between missions.


How to Shoot a Sniper

You are in enemy territory. After having previously shot a sniper and not being noticed, you see the next one ahead. Your commander is explaining what must be done and you know the sniper must die. You shoot the sniper while he is saying this. Everyone is alerted. You fail.

Starting over, you wait until the game adds "Shoot the sniper" to your objectives. You then shoot the sniper. Stealthy kill is successfully completed. This is Homefront.

This is what I hate about modern video games.