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3DS Miis!

I picked up a Nintendo 3DS a little while back and I've been having plenty of fun playing with it. It's packed to the brim with features, some returning from previous Nintendo offerings, others new. One of those carried over from the Wii is the Mii Maker application. While I played with the original, I found myself having a great deal more fun interacting with the 3DS variant. Perhaps its the immediacy of touch as opposed to the aiming interface of the console. For your pleasure I've included my ninja Mii, Obama, Horatio Caine and Trollface below. More

How to Scan Mii QR Codes On Your 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS, like the Wii, has the ability to create and share Mii characters. On the 3DS, you can share your Miis through the use of QR codes. This is handy if you want to share them over the internet as the codes can be shared as image files. You can easily add the Miis contained in the codes to your collection by doing the following: More

How to Shoot a Sniper

You are in enemy territory. After having previously shot a sniper and not being noticed, you see the next one ahead. Your commander is explaining what must be done and you know the sniper must die. You shoot the sniper while he is saying this. Everyone is alerted. You fail.

Starting over, you wait until the game adds "Shoot the sniper" to your objectives. You then shoot the sniper. Stealthy kill is successfully completed. This is Homefront.

This is what I hate about modern video games.

The Self-Righteous Red Corvette

Yesterday, I came upon the little red car that could accuse. It had its back to me but its message was clear: "you lie". My first thought is that is was beloved South Carolina Representatvie and role-model Joe Wilson flaunting his catchphrase while driving to a meeting with a local loan shark. Then it occurred to me, that this might not be the typical slogan you see so terribly condensed onto a license plate—maybe this was a message. Was it a declaration that we all lie? Or was it something more…something more accusatory? Does he know?

Welcome to 20XX

I played Bit.Trip Runner for the first time today. (Awesome game.) It's part of the successful series of WiiWare games slowly spreading onto other platforms like Steam and the App Store. The first thing I noticed upon booting up the game and being greeted by the title screen was the excellent music. I looked it up and now I present to you the amazing chip-tune band Anamanaguchi.

Link: Blackout City on Youtube Long live the NES!