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3DS Miis: Action Edition, Part Deux!

Deep in the rainforest, there are civilizations far removed from that of our own. There people rely on nature and a way of life all but forgotten to us. Those people are dead. In their place: a fire, symbolizing the passion of men for war. It devours anything it touches, except for a few men of action. You see them walking toward you through the inferno. They are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. More

3DS Miis: Action Edition

3DS Action Hero Miis

I'm fully aware that the fad of creating celebrity caricatures in the Mii Maker has probably run its course for the majority of people. With that said... I'm back with more Miis! This time there is the running theme of bad-ass action heroes! I fully expect to revisit this as there are plenty of bad dudes I didn't get to yet. Let's check out the first batch! More

Toggling 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land logo

A lot has been said about Super Mario 3D Land’s (ugh, that title) use of the 3D display. Yes, it makes platforming easier as you can more accurately judge distances thanks to the Nintendo 3DS’ fancy screen. Something I haven’t seen mentioned is the in-game 3D toggle. Unlike the 3DS’ hardware toggle that varies the amount of 3D output on the screen, 3D Land has its own toggle that changes the way the game is presented in 3D. More

Goodbye, Steve

Just minutes ago, Apple revealed that Steve Jobs has passed away. He kickstarted a new era in computing – twice. It's truly a shame he won't be around to watch it flourish. He will be missed.

Update: Wired looks back at his extraordinary life.