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History Is Being Written

In an update from the crew behind the Elevation Dock:

This was the fastest start ever for a Kickstarter project, hitting our funding goal in 8 hours and $168k in 24 hours, more than double any previous project had ever hit. On Tuesday, this project became the most funded project on Kickstarter ever and yesterday it became the first to hit $1million. Then video game maker Double Fine launched Wednesday and it beat our newly minted funding record in less than a day and hit the $1m mark just hours after us! Amazing.

Kickstarter's recap is here.

People use the term disruption pretty loosely, but crowd-funding is doing it. Goodbye middlemen, sayonara to the massive traditional barriers to entry... Hello bootstrapped projects like this, made without compromise, and that would otherwise never see the light of day.

Feb 10, 2012
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