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The Xbox 360 Legacy?

I take very good care of all my consoles, and in all my life of gaming, I've only ever had the 360 fail on me. From NES to Wii U and every other portable/console from Nintendo and others inbetween, only the 360 has crapped out on me.

Kevin Cassidy at GoNintendo has just mourned his 7th Xbox 360's death.

The 360's excellent catalog of games is sure to ensure memories of it are fond. I wonder if people will even remember the RROD in 5-7 years. What if a similar problem crops up with its successor? What will that do to their legacy–nay, brand?

You'd best keep quality high next time around, Microsoft.

Xbox 360 to Surpass Wii Sales in US

DFC Intelligence, a market research firm:

For its generation, the Xbox 360, not the Wii, will end up as the number one selling console system in the U.S.

So it seems the Wii's breakout success wasn't so untouchable in the long term – at least in the US. The focus on the expanded audience seems to be working very well for the 360 in its later years as it once did for the Wii. The new lower price tag doesn't hurt either. Though I'd be more inclined to base the 360's resurgence on those than a fundamental "changing of the guard in the games industry." It's simply too early to make that call.

Via GoNintendo