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Tim Schafer: Publishers Aren't Evil

Tim Schafer speaks to the new Hookshot Inc. (and they spelled his name right!):

Well, I'm not trying to vilify them. Publishers do their business in a way that works for them. They're risking millions of dollars so they've got to mitigate that risk - and sometimes that means removing risky ideas from games. The thing is, Double Fine is all about coming up with new, unproven and really creative ideas. It's a constant battle for us to get those ideas to go through the system, that long spanking machine of people who have to sign off on your idea. They're not evil, they're just trying to protect themselves.

He neglected to mention that developers too need to protect themselves, even if that involves side-stepping publishers entirely.

Double Fine Adventures New Territory

Double Fine Productions has decided to crowd-source funding for their newest project, which happens to be a reunion of the genre's biggest names. People seem to be excited. I'm one of those people.

Also, of note: Notch, Steven Dengler and Tim Schafer have a discussion on Twitter. "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen." Yes, please.

I think its time for a group hug.