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3DS Miis!

I picked up a Nintendo 3DS a little while back and I've been having plenty of fun playing with it. It's packed to the brim with features, some returning from previous Nintendo offerings, others new. One of those carried over from the Wii is the Mii Maker application. While I played with the original, I found myself having a great deal more fun interacting with the 3DS variant. Perhaps its the immediacy of touch as opposed to the aiming interface of the console. For your pleasure I've included my ninja Mii, Obama, Horatio Caine and Trollface below. More

9/11: What Didn't Change

David Corn in an in-depth retrospective for Mother Jones:

Everything changed...But life often reverts to form, and change is fleeting and not necessarily a guarantee of progress. At some point, the old driving behaviors returned. Americans never did become very well informed about foreign affairs. A political culture of division and spin resumed. And these were all connected—