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Kinect's New Challenger

CVG staffer Tamoor Hussein yearns for a Minority Report control scheme and he thinks the Leap might finally make that a reality. The Leap is an inconspicuous little box that resembles Apple's current crop of products in aluminum and black-tinted glass. It sits in front of your monitor and magically interprets your 3D hand motions on screen. The reveal video shows a number of applications being controlled with the $70 doohicky, the most obvious being Half-Life 2 in a pew-pew sort fo way. Meanwhile, Microsoft has begun hiring for the recently leaked Kinect 2.

Are These Plans For The Future Xbox?

Joystiq is reporting that a document has been found on Scribd (now removed) detailing the plans for the next-gen Xbox through 2015. They seem to think that the document was created sometime in 2010, the same year in which the Xbox 360 Slim was released.

Details covered in the PDF include: Blu-Ray, 3D ouput, XTV compatiblility, multiple 1080p in and out, stereo Kinect V2 (depicted as two units mounted on either side of your TV), AR glasses that can be used outside the home as well as in-game, the ability to play your new Xbox console games on any device, Windows 8 foundation, clip-art and poorly rendered people having seizures.

And while all of this seems entirely plausible and even matches up with several rumors, the mystery document also claims that the target price for all of this is a mere $299. To me, this is the most outlandish part of the entire document. For reference, the Xbox 360 launched in two flavors, the highest of which was priced at $399. Perhaps $299 is the price of a cheaper configuration once again.

Note: Covington & Burling LLP have removed the original leaked document from Scribd. The law firm has worked with Microsoft in the past.