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Really, GamesRadar?

Did you really just post an image gallery of the "100 best video game quotes of all time?" That amounts to one hundred and two pages. Seriously?

Its hard to overlook the irony in the very first quote:

“Hey hey hey it's time to make some carrrrazzzyy money are ya ready? Here we go!” (Crazy Taxi)

Journalistic Nonsense

TechCrunch columnist, MG Siegler speaks out:

Most are stories written with little or no research done. They’re written as quickly as possible. The faster the better. Most are just rehashing information that spread by some other means. But that’s great, it means stories can be written without any burden beyond the writer having to read a little bit and type words fast. Many are written without the writer even having to think.

I’m completely serious in saying that.

This was written about technology press, but I think it applies even more so to the gaming industry's fine collection of journalistic entities. Real game journalism is nothing but a fringe affair. What people consider real game journalism is, in fact, the Entertainment Tonight of our industry.

Looking for examples? Try GameJournos for a start.

Bill Kunkel's Farewell

Blake Snow's excellent article quotes the late Bill Kunkel:

Why don't people my age who played video games back in the '70s and '80s seem to care about modern video games? The games have changed, become more complex, and I think a lot of older gamers are simply disinterested in the direction in which these games have evolved. Even my old (Electronic Games) partners, Arnie and Joyce Katz, haven't played a video game in 15 years. People don't lose interest in movies, music, art, etc. as they age, so why hasn't gaming managed to keep the interest of its original fans? …The fact that the storylines in these games continue to expand while the gameplay elements have changed much less significantly is a genuine problem. No matter how grandiose the backstory, if I'm still dealing with the same gaming elements over and over, the differences among too many contemporary games seem utterly superficial. … Today, most of the vaunted titles leave me disturbingly indifferent. To me, they are like a 600 page novel that is the first part of a trilogy. They're daunting. I feel they just demand too much from me to qualify as entertainment.

I'm inclined to agree. Modern games take on epic lengths, which become nothing more than a time-sink for the busy adult. What do we really get from them that necessitates such length? Repetitive levels and a persistent handholding linearity with story interspersed between? Filler. Not every retail game needs to pretend its worth $60, as there is room for a variety of different price points and sizes of games.

Rest in peace Mr. Kunkel, gaming journalism could use more free-thinkers such as yourself.