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SC Couple Shops at Wal-Mart, Finds Jesus

Doing nothing to silence southern stereotypes, this South Carolina couple finds what they believe to be a divine image after a recent purchase. Their receipt appears to be adorned with Jesus' (or Serpico's–according to one commenter) bearded mug and has an entire image gallery associated with it at WIS News 10's website. This serves to prove only one thing, that the passion of the Christ was, in fact, shopping.

The Self-Righteous Red Corvette

Yesterday, I came upon the little red car that could accuse. It had its back to me but its message was clear: "you lie". My first thought is that is was beloved South Carolina Representatvie and role-model Joe Wilson flaunting his catchphrase while driving to a meeting with a local loan shark. Then it occurred to me, that this might not be the typical slogan you see so terribly condensed onto a license plate—maybe this was a message. Was it a declaration that we all lie? Or was it something more…something more accusatory? Does he know?