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The Self-Righteous Red Corvette

Yesterday, I came upon the little red car that could accuse. It had its back to me but its message was clear: "you lie". My first thought is that is was beloved South Carolina Representatvie and role-model Joe Wilson flaunting his catchphrase while driving to a meeting with a local loan shark. Then it occurred to me, that this might not be the typical slogan you see so terribly condensed onto a license plate—maybe this was a message. Was it a declaration that we all lie? Or was it something more…something more accusatory? Does he know?

The Curved Cubes Cometh

Check out this odd little contraption that I spotted a couple of days back. It's the Nissan Cube! According to Wikipedia, this vehicle has been in production for over a decade… I wonder why I've never seen one before. And then I look at the picture again and realize its because I don't live in Japan. More