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Hey! Toyota's Not-So-Hands-Free Navigation DS

Smart Navi & Nintendo DS

Three screens are better than one and two! Toyota has unveiled its new bleeding edge navigation system that links up to your Nintendo DS so you can use two smaller screens in your hands to navigate instead of driving. Bleeding edge because you'll most likely die using it!

Iwata Asks, April 1st

Fake Iwata Asks

An image circulating NeoGAF reveals a new Iwata Asks interview with Sony Computer Entertainment chairman, Kaz Hirai:

Iwata: Today we are talking about the struggles of the handheld market. For example, how your handheld market is struggling against our handheld market. [Laughs]

Hirai: Very funny, Mr. Iwata.

Iwata: I am being a kidder towards you. It's good for Sony that 3DS is selling so well –it gives them more space to store unsold Vitas. [Laughs]

It is also a wonderful and glorious fake for April Fool's Day.