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Black & White Makes Green

Andriasang reports the newest Enterbrain/Famitsu numbers from Japan:

[Pokemon Black & White 2] sold 1,618,621 in its first week of sales. As the game was released on a Saturday, the "first week" includes just two days...

The fastest selling DS game is, of course, the original Black & White, which pushed 2,637,285 units in its first week in September 2010. That release also covered just two days.

Even with a huge 39% decrease in sales (equalling over 1 million units) from the previous version, Pokémon is still breaking records. This makes it the third best start on DS and the first million seller of the year in Japan. I can't help but wonder how much better it would have done had it been a ground-up 3DS game.

Via GoNintendo

Hey! Toyota's Not-So-Hands-Free Navigation DS

Smart Navi & Nintendo DS

Three screens are better than one and two! Toyota has unveiled its new bleeding edge navigation system that links up to your Nintendo DS so you can use two smaller screens in your hands to navigate instead of driving. Bleeding edge because you'll most likely die using it!