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The United States of Steam

Games are really part of a large economy. They are productivity platforms for goods and services.

That is Gabe Newell speaking at DICE Summit about reinventing gaming as we know it. In his 30 minute keynote he covered a variety of topics including innovating PC input, gaming in the living room, cloud gaming, and the essence of games.

Most coverage has been focused on the many preludes to Valve's SteamBox (or Steamcast if you will), but Valve's use of hardware is merely an extension of Steam into the living room. Their plans appear to be bigger. More

Double Fine Adventures New Territory

Double Fine Productions has decided to crowd-source funding for their newest project, which happens to be a reunion of the genre's biggest names. People seem to be excited. I'm one of those people.

Also, of note: Notch, Steven Dengler and Tim Schafer have a discussion on Twitter. "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen." Yes, please.

I think its time for a group hug.