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Xbox in Light of the Living Room's Future

From Nat Brown, one of the founding members of the Xbox team:

My gripe is that, as usual, Microsoft has jumped its own shark and is out stomping through the weeds planning and talking about far-flung future strategies in interactive television and original programming partnerships with big dying media companies when their core product, their home town is on fire, their soldiers, their developers, are tired and deserting, and their supply-lines are broken.

Nat says that Microsoft is doing what it needs to survive the impending iOS & Android onslaught of the living room. He says that the Xbox is touting a success it attained only because of its competitors "stumbling failures" and then goes on to blast the failings of the xBox 360's (sic) interface.

There is truth in his words but you can't judge Microsoft's future Xbox strategies purely from their Xbox 360 offerings.

Surely Microsoft is aware of their future competitors in this instance and they are adjusting their strategies as needed. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Via Daring Fireball