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ESPN Covers Body Art

In what would at first seem like an exploitive idea, ESPN Magazine has proven that a gallery of nude athletes can be done very tastefully when they unleashed their Bodies We Want 2012 gallery. I don't follow sports, but a few of these photographs stood out to me; Oksana Masters' image in particular. Other notable accomplishments of this gallery: informing me that there was someone in the world named Destinee Hooker.

Note: Jiggly bits and lady parts have been covered but it may still be NSFW.

Bad Dudes 2 Fights A Kickstarter Backlash

Hello again Kickstarter. Its been–well, it hasn't been that long. Who wants my money today? This month Pinstripe Games wants $80,000 to make a sequel to the NES-era ninja-beatdown-simulator. Pinstripe who? Well, you've probably never heard of them because they are new. Very new. (They haven't shipped a game yet.) In March, they could be seen raising $1,000 to build another brawler: Jesh. More

Lavender & Sage

This turned out to be my first full ink drawing, which is both a bit sad and very cool. Being the first, there are some mistakes but I believe the main goal was accomplished. That goal being to do an ink drawing and have it not completely suck. ;) The drawing's title is taken from a gift I received from a friend.