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Who's Excited For The Wii U?

Game Informer's Kyle Hillard is and he's not entirely sure why people are so eager to hate Nintendo's newest console.

People have this strange hatred for the Wii that I have never fully understood. Most people feel like the Wii represents an extreme departure from the hardcore Nintendo fans, but they conveniently forget that there were two new 3D Mario games, two new 2D Mario games (depending if you want to throw Super Paper Mario in that camp), two new Metroid games, two new Kirby games, a brand new Donkey Kong Country, and two new Zelda games. None of Nintendo’s predecessor consoles can boast that many of Nintendo’s biggest franchises having as many core entries in one generation, with the exception of Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo. Everyone looks at the Just Dance and Wii Bowling fans and decries the system for killing what made Nintendo great, and all of this debatably undeserved hatred is spilling over to the Wii U.

Bravo, Kyle. Bravo.

Oct 16, 2012
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