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Crytek on TimeSplitters 4 Fan Interest

From a heartbreaking VG247 interview with Crytek boss, Cevat Yerli:

Finally, what can you tell us about the status of the Timesplitters franchise?

I tested through my official blog to see how big the Timesplitters community is, and while the volume of responses was quite high, we feel it’s not high enough yet. That being said, it did indeed trigger a deeper evaluation of what we do with Timesplitters, and I can only say this for now; we might have some surprises coming soon.

My initial reaction was not good, but that last part gives some hope. It sounds like they may be planning on releasing ports of the previous games (probably digitally) to gauge public interest even more.

The thing is... Do we really want this? The chances that the series could continue without its magical founders is strong. That is something I do not want. The magic was with the original team, it was somehing we saw transition from GoldenEye to Perfect Dark and then the TimeSplitters franchise. Without them I am confident that the game will be a huge disappointment. I love the TimeSplitters, but I don't want that. I want another David Doak and company game.

Aug 07, 2012
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