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Bad Dudes 2 Fights A Kickstarter Backlash

Hello again Kickstarter. Its been–well, it hasn't been that long. Who wants my money today? This month Pinstripe Games wants $80,000 to make a sequel to the NES-era ninja-beatdown-simulator. Pinstripe who? Well, you've probably never heard of them because they are new. Very new. (They haven't shipped a game yet.) In March, they could be seen raising $1,000 to build another brawler: Jesh.

On Saturday, Kotaku ran an article covering the Bad Dudes 2 Kickstarter campaign–in a surprisingly professional manner–but their readers noticed something. It is something that's hard to miss if you are a fan of the classic Bad Dudes and maybe just hard to miss in general. (See image above.) Let's just say the art itself would be jealous of anything on Newgrounds. Its not something you'd expect of a legitimate company asking for $80,000 to produce a sequel to a beloved classic. Okay, maybe classic is a bit much, but the point remains.

After coming to the shocking realization that the art was not suited to the project, Pinstripe Games was in damage control. They promptly produced a new asset and issued an apology (which can be seen here). Shortly thereafter, the first sprite was posted. And you know what? It looks nice. Via Twitter, they promised that the first gameplay will be shown soon. Can they save this sinking ninja-destroyer of a ship? As of now, they have received just over $2,000 in pledges–a far cry from the $80,000 goal they must hit in 22 days to receive the funding.

Check out the Bad Dudes 2 campaign for yourself. 

Jul 16, 2012
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